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Impact 20 Circle Spotlight: Denell Parker

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

In this month's spotlight installment, we take some time to talk with our supporter, Soror, and Williamsburg, VA resident, Denell Parker.

What do you do professionally?

I am an organizational management professional with over 25 years of corporate and non-profit industry experience in business development and contracts. I currently work with the Defense Contract Management Agency as a Contract Specialist.

What do you consider to be your passion?

The thought of working with young people and developing youth leaders really gets me up in the morning. So much so that I am a small business owner of Exquisite Ladies by Design and wrote the Amazon Best Selling book "The Complete Guide to Effective Youth Impact." I also serve as the Commonwealth of Virginia's Youth Coordinator for Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. Through this leadership role, I work with 35 chapters across the state in developing and executing well-rounded youth programming in their communities, as well as coordinating the state's Youth Leadership Conference for girls ages 4 - 18. Our young people truly are our future, and I feel called to pour energy into developing future leaders.

When you're not working or training up young leaders, what do you love to do for you?

I L-O-V-E Prince. Royal blue may be my color of choice, but His Purple Highness reigns supreme musically!

What does political involvement and action mean to you?

To me it means having realistic goals and fully understanding the innerworkings of bi-partisanship in order to implement significant change within our communities. It means taking on the task of voter education and registration 365 days a year for elections to come on all levels, not just during presidential elections, as the real work starts way before then.

Why did you decide to support Ladies in Blue Virginia PAC?

We cannot continue to say we need more women in politics if we are not ready and prepared to fully support them along the journey. I believe Ladies in Blue Virginia PAC is ready to help elect the right people to office, and is committed to the task of positioning itself to offer the necessary backing and guidance needed for strong women candidates to take on topics such as civil rights, economic justice, healthcare, and education to name a few. It's time to play offensive in government affairs instead of always being on defense. We must do our part to get Zeta women there and keep them there. I support Ladies in Blue VA PAC because I know we have an opportunity to get more American citizens off of the sidelines and engaged in the political process to be visible players.


We appreciate Denell Parker's history of leadership and support of LIB Virginia PAC as an Impact 20 Circle member.

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